Module BMW Fxx/Gxx Bosch MG1/MD1 ENET

Bosch MG1/MD1

FID: 160, 161

Module for reflashing through OBD2 connector by Ethernet for Bosch MG1 and MD1 ECUs used in BMW Fxx and Gxx vehicles.

Supports Bosch ECUs based on MCU NXP MPC5777 with 7.5Mb of main flash memory and Infineon Aurix TC298 with 8Mb memeory.

BMW Fxx/Gxx Bosch MG1 MPC5777 ENET (FID: 160)

BMW Fxx/Gxx Bosch MD1 MPC5777 ENET (FID: 161)

BMW Fxx/Gxx Bosch MG1 TC298 ENET (FID: 162) [TEST]

Module allows:

  • Software identification
  • Virtual reading from server
  • Reading if file not found in server (not for all SW versions)
  • Writing with checksumm and CVN correction
  • DTC read and clear

Please read about limited support for vehicles with newest firmware versions.

License cost:
350.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle