Module Denso SH7058/SH7059 CAN

FID: 153

Module for OBD2/Bench reading and writing with CAN-bus for Denso ECUs based on Renesas SH7058 and SH7059 MCU.

Denso SH7058/SH7059 (FID: 153)

Allows FullFlash reading and writing with CS correction.

Supported vehicles: Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Opel, Hyundai Trucks

In test stage: Hino, Suzuki, Volvo, Kubota


Some vehicles has no CANbus wiring in OBD2 plug. Some has gateway that do not allow to work bootloader. In this cases please use BENCH connection to work with ECU.

Some trucks and industrial vehicles has +24V onboard - please be sure you J2534 adapter support this voltage.

Module is in the TEST stage. During this stage you can purchace module with discount and have to report back with any success/issue reading and writing.

License cost:
200.00 Eur.   Order

Module requires security USB dongle