• Added Marelli IAW 4HV family into VAG Marelli Petrol module
  • Added family for BSL reading Bosch Rotax ME17.8.5 (test mode)
  • Added module for virtual reading of Arctic Cat Denso SH7052 ECU's
  • Added support for 1.25 MB files in Toyota Denso NEC D76F0XXX CAN Type 2 family
  • Fixed writing of some Toyota Denso newGen CAN vehicles (when writing on vehicle)
  • Added several new CHK types for Toyota Denso newGen CAN
  • Fixed ME17.8.8 identification and checksum detection
  • Fixed file naming from read file when virtual reading downloading update file
  • Family Continental GPEC2 29Bit CAN renamed to Continental GPEC3 CAN according to FCA US LLC classification
  • Small fixes of interface
  • Carlist updated