New module GM Diesel CAN:
- GM Bosch EDC16C39 HW1 and HW2 FID’s with support Opel and Chevrolet (incl. Trailblaizer 2.8TD)

New module Kia/Hyundai Petrol CAN:
- Kefico CPGDSH2 TC1782 CAN

New FID’s:
- Delphi MT80 K-Line added to China Petrol module
- Bosch ME7.8.8 K-Line added to China Petrol module
- Bosch ME7.9.7 1MB K-Line added to China Petrol module
- Kia Delphi DCM3.2 added to Kia/Hyundai Diesel module
- Toyota Denso Gen1 TCM Virtual reader added
- Siemens Sim2K-C201 added to SsangYong Petrol module
- VAG Marelli IAW 7GVE K-Line added to VAG Marelli Petrol module
- Siemens MSE3.7 Rotax CAN added to Rotax Extreme module

- Read/Clear DTC added to Delphi MT05.x module
- Waiting timer for all Toyota writing modules
- On critical writing failed added help messages how to continue working or recover!
- OBD Read protection patch feature added to Toyota Denso P5-CAN Type 1
- Toyota Denso Gen1 Virtual reader renamed to Toyota Gen1 ECM Virtual reader, cause of support more ECU types

- Bosch ME17.8.5 Gen2 fixed writing in some cases
- Fixed Toyota identification and VIN added
- Different interface fixes