Modules changes:

  • New module China Siemens Petrol with FID 83: Continental Simos 9.5 VR/W/CS
  • China Petrol module divided to China Bosch Petrol and China Delphi Petrol

New FID's:

  • Added Bosch ME17.8.8.1 TC1728 to China Bosch Petrol module


  • MSE3.7 writing fixed on new softwares
  • Added silent mode for Chevrolet Trailblazer EDC16C39 HW2 to write on vehicle (TEST)
  • Fixed writing gearbox ECU's in Toyota Denso newGen CAN module on some vehicles
  • Now finally fixed scroll bug in families list
  • Siemens GS20 (FID: 4) improvements for reading, now more stable
  • A lot of improvements to make work more stable and easy, fixed small bugs
  • Carlist updated


  • Big interface changes for Master/Slave system
  • Small interface changes and improvements
  • Fixed High Speed bug

* All users that now have China Petrol module has already activated China Bosch Petrol for free!