New version released! Now we are announcing new version control system. Starting from this we will update BitBox more often for fast hot fixes, changing revision number, so you can see when you are using latest updates! A lot of improvements and fixes, new modules, new protocols, new families, etc...

New modules:

- BMW Fxx Bosch E-NET - module for working with new F-series BMW by Ethernet (using direct E-NET-to-OBD2 Cable). Module is now in test state but it is fully working now and availble in this version! This module will allow virtual reading, writing, read/write coding data for
- Bosch EDC17 (C50,C56,CP49,CP45) ECUs (testing)
- Bosch MEVD17 (17.2.4, 17.2.6, 17.2.G) ECUs (testing)

Of course we will add more ECU types support to this module, as usual!

New families:

- BMW Bosch EDC17C41 (FID: 50) added to BMW Exx Bosch Diesel CAN module
- Kia/Hyundai Bosch ME(D)(G)17.9.8 (FID: 73) added to Kia/Hyundai petrol CAN (full OBD2 solution)
- Continental GPEC2A 2018+ (FID: 131) added to FCA Petrol Gen2 CAN

Family improvements:

- Kia/Hyundai Petrol CAN fixed reading, made more stable
- Fixed writing on vehicle for Hyundai Delphi DMCI CAN, now available on vehicle by OBD.
- GPEC2 2013+ now supports not locked ECU
- ACDelco E39 fixed reading some variations of ECU

System changes:

- J2534 system improvement, now OpenPort 2.0 drivers additional check added.
- Logging changes