New modules:

- Toyota Delphi Gen1 CAN now available with virtual reading, writing (also with upgrade/downgrade support), read/clear dtc options. Supported Toyota Delphi ECUs with MCU: SH72512, SH72544, MPC565 with CANbus.

New families and modules change:

- BMW Exx Bosch Diesel CAN renamed to BMW Exx Bosch CAN and now will support petrol Bosch ECUs
- BMW Exx Bosch MEVD17.2 added to module BMW Exx Bosch CAN, also virtual read, write fully by OBD

Changes in families:

- Fixed CS bug in Bosch GS8.60.2 family
- Some fixes for BMW Fxx Bosch ENET module


- Removed permanent battery voltage controller for more stable J2534 work. Now battery controlled at start of procedure
- Fix for no J2534 when ENET only active