Starting from this version Windows XP won't be supported, for Windows XP customers we have made old version, to get it contact to support, updates for Windows XP from now will not be provided, cause main troubles with unstable work caused by supporting old OS versions!

New families:

- Bosch ME17.8.8.1 Geely added to China Bosch Petrol module. Allow reading (only on the bench with direct connection), and writing (on vehicle works too). Checksum calculation also supported.

Fixed and improvements:

- GM ACDelco Petrol Gen1 total fix, remade whole algorithm of CAN reading/writing, now fixed main issues with regions and reset!
- Volvo Denso SH72xxx added more ECU types support
- Fixed read/clear DTC for BMW Fxx Bosch ENET module
- More variations for Bosch ME7.8.8 ECU types added
- Added CVN reading for Toyota modules

Interface and system changes:

- Now software works on .NET Framework 4.6. It requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 at least, and recommended installed all system updates!
- Fixed open / save file dialog show