New modules and FIDs:

- Now released BMW Fxx/Gxx Bosch MG1/MD1 ENET module. FINAL TESTS! Supports reading, writing, checksums calculation, CVN fix!
- China Bosch M7.8/ME7.8.8 K-line BSL (FID: 75) is now added to China Bosch Petrol module. Allows to read protected MCUs ST10F27X in BSL mode. FID requires adapter BITS001.

Fixes and improvements:

- Toyota Gen1 CAN, Toyota newGen (except P5 CAN, will add later) CVN fix now implemented. For valid work required original file on our server!
- Fixed writing for BMW Fxx MEVD17.2 old type of ECU, is now supported and tested

Interface fixes and improvements:

- Some changes in button sizes and locations

User portal:

- Automatic BitBox modules purchacing is now possible from user portal. PayPal payment accepted.