Now BMW Fxx/Gxx Bosch MD1/MG1 tested, released and now available for purchase!

Package BMW Full CAN+ENET is now available. For BMW Exx customers discount for purchasing BMW Fxx now is disabled.

New families:
- Delphi MT86 with reading/writing and checksums correction available in module Kia/Hyundai Petrol CAN.
- China Bosch ME7.8.8 CAN now available with virtual reading/writing and checksums correction in module China Bosch Petrol.

Fixes and improvements:
- BMW Bosch MD1/MG1 now supports virtual reading and reading if file not found on server. Finally tested and fixed writing and coding!
- Continental GPEC2A 2018+ now supports restore original bootloader through "Remove protection" feature.

Interface fixes:
- Fixed Select family window state