Module PSA Delphi Diesel CAN now renamed and refactored to PSA Diesel CAN.

New families:

  • PSA Bosch EDC17C10 TC1797 with real reading/writing and checksums calculation added to PSA Diesel CAN
  • PSA Bosch EDC17C10 TC1796 with real reading/writing and checksums calculation to PSA Diesel CAN

Improvements and fixes in families:

  • Volvo Denso bench module optimized for working with more J2534 devices
  • Infiniti Bosch MED17.7.2 added more ECU types
  • Toyota Denso Gen2 Type 2 fixed writing when file was not found on server
  • Toyota Denso Gen1 CAN fixed virtual reading for slave system
  • Delphi MT2x done some improvements for more stable work
  • Toyota TCM virtual reader fixed identification for some ECU types
  • Added some ECU types for China Bosch ME7.8.8 K-Line
  • Siemens Rotax MSE3.7 K-Line module totally remade
  • ACDelco families now require original file now for calculation additional torque monitoring checksums. Checksums fixes made for: E39, E39A, E78, E87, E83, E98, E92.
  • Fixed bug with BMW Bosch MD1 CVN fix for some software versions
  • MB Bosch MED17.7.x checksums calculation fixed for some software versions

UI and application improvements

  • Added automatically log request for support team
  • Application loading improvement