New modules:

MB Delphi Diesel CAN with Delphi CRD3.XX family with reading/writing and checksum calculation

Trucks Delphi ETC3 CAN with 2 families :

  • DAF/Industrial Delphi ETC3 (FID: 220)
  • Hyundai Delphi ETC3 (FID: 221) /TEST/

New families:

  • China Bosch ME17.8.8 SAIC added to China Bosch Petrol module

Family improvements:

  • GPEC2A 2018+ writing algorithm remade, now writing flash and maps and fix P1400 problem. New protection removal patch
  • GPEC3 HW2 finally tested and remove protection now works!
  • Sim2K-25X, Sim2K-260, Sim271 made reading flash and maps data for valid checksums patch
  • Added detection of Gen2 (new protection) for ACDelco modules

Fixed and improvements:

  • Unlicensed identification released. Now you can do module identification even when module is not purchased. In some cases identification will be reduced.
  • Master/Slave system fixes