New modules:

Ford Bosch MED(G)17 Petrol CAN ready for tests with following families:

  • FID 322: Ford Bosch MED17.0 TC1767 - read/write/checksums calculation
  • FID 323: Ford Bosch MED17.0.1 TC1767 - read/write/checksums calculation
  • FID 324: Ford Bosch MED17.0.7 TC1782 - read/write/checksums calculation
  • FID 325: Ford Bosch MEDG17.0 TC1797 - read/write/checksums calculation


  • Added reading/writing mode selection for some families
  • Toyota Denso Gen3 now available several reading options: Read, Virtual read
  • GM Delphi DCM3.7AP now supported more ECU types. Reading available in 2 options: OBD read, Bench read.
  • Totally remade GM ACDelco E98, E87, E83 families. Families become more stable and safe
  • Ford Continental SID209 fixed patching algorithm for some ECU variants
  • BMW Siemens GS20 fixed reading, writing and checksums calculation
  • Continental GPEC4LM now also supported by FID321
  • Various UI improvements and fixes